Terms & Conditions of Hire


The Hirer shall give such proof of her/his identity, as KIT HIRE LTD shall reasonably require. 
The person who signs the hire contract and pays for the hire assumes the full financial responsibility for the equipment until it is returned and will be              known as THE CLIENT Any late return of equipment may be charged at a daily rate. 
Any damage to the equipment must be reported to KIT HIRE LTD within 24 hours. 
The insurance liability for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment is with THE CLIENT. We retain the right to charge for any losses (material or financial) or damage to equipment during the hire. Daily loss of earnings will be charged until such equipment is replaced or repaired. Loss of earnings is charged at the equipments advertised daily rate. 
THE CLIENT & GUARANTOR shall take all reasonable precautions to avoid loss/damage to the equipment during the hire period. THE CLIENT & GUARANTOR are responsible for the safe handling of equipment. Repair or replacement costs up to £70,000 will be billed to the DEBTOR or GUARANTOR for damage or loss occurring while the equipment is in THE CLIENT’S possession.
It is THE CLIENT’S responsibility to test and examine the equipment to determine that all hired equipment is in good working order and condition and fit for THE CLIENT’S purpose. All equipment must be so tested on Location or at our premises.
The equipment shall be deemed to be in good condition at the beginning of the hire period. 
The equipment shall be the responsibility of THE CLIENT at all times, and in the event of loss of goods or any item thereof from whatsoever cause or reason, shall immediately pay KIT HIRE LTD the full costs of replacement.


The hiring period of the equipment shall commence at the time specified on the Hire Agreement Form and shall finish when the equipment is returned to KIT HIRE LTD premises, except when the KIT HIRE LTD has agreed to collect the equipment.
The equipment must be returned or made available for collection at the time and date specified in the Hire Agreement Form, unless KIT HIRE LTD have agreed to an extension.
Extension of hire must be notified to KIT HIRE LTD at least 24 hours before the end of the original hire period. 
Extension’s are at the discretion of KIT HIRE LTD.
Cancellation fees may be levied at the discretion of KIT HIRE LTD. But are not applicable if THE CLIENT gives less then 24 hours notice of cancellation.
Advertised prices are subject to change by KIT HIRE LTD without notice, however once a booking is confirmed these prices will not change during the course of this booking. 
A Day rate is considered to be a 24 hour period.
Hire charges for equipment are calculated from the time the equipment leaves KIT HIRE LTD premises until the end of the period of hire or when the equipment is returned to KIT HIRE LTD premises, whichever is the later.


Deliveries of equipment will arrive at THE CLIENTS location within a 2 Hour Time slot approved by THE CLIENT & KIT HIRE LTD.
Collection of equipment must be made at a KIT HIRE LTD location within a 2 Hour Time slot approved by THE CLIENT & KIT HIRE LTD.
We expect parking arrangements for our delivery teams to be THE CLIENT’S responsibility. If parking tickets are issued due to a lack of parking at THE CLIENT’S location these tickets will be deducted from any deposits held.
If our delivery teams have to wait over 1 hour for THE CLIENT to arrive at a specified delivery / collection location, then a £40 fee will be levied against the deposit.
KIT HIRE LTD delivery teams must be permitted to view and scan identification belonging to THE CLIENT. If identification is not available or is insufficient then equipment will not be issued and THE CLIENT’S deposit and a one-day hire rate will be deducted from payments received.
Identification must be either a UK DRIVING LICENSE or UK PASSPORT in name of THE CLIENT. A utility bill may also be requested in addition. If THE CLIENT has not got this form of ID then it is THE CLIENT’S responsibility to notify KIT HIRE LTD 3 Days prior to the hire.
Existing clients will not need to show ID.


Payment of hire charges and deposits must be made by cash, card payment or bank transfer, prior to the commencement of the hire period.
All payments must be made in pounds sterling. 
KIT HIRE LTD reserves the right to refuse to hire equipment to the client in the event that the client fails to comply with KIT HIRE LTD terms of payment. 
If THE CLIENT shall make default in punctual payment of the sums to be paid by it for the hire of the equipment or shall fail to observe or perform the terms and conditions of the agreement on its part to be observed and performed or if THE CLIENT shall do or cause to be done or permit or suffer any act or thing whereby KIT HIRE LTD rights in the equipment may be prejudiced or put in jeopardy, this agreement shall forthwith determine (without any notice or other act on the part of THE CLIENT and notwithstanding that the same or like nature) and it shall thereupon be lawful for KIT HIRE LTD to retake possession of the equipment and for that purpose enter into or upon any premises where the same may be and the determination of the hiring under this clause shall not affect the right of KIT HIRE LTD to recover from THE CLIENT any monies due to KIT HIRE LTD under this agreement or damages for breach thereof.


The hirer shall keep the equipment insured against fire, theft, loss, damage or risk from any cause arising in the full replacement value thereof & will permit KIT HIRE LTD at all reasonable times to have access to the equipment and to inspect the state & conditions thereof.
If the equipment shall be damaged or destroyed by fire, all monies received or receivable in respect of such insurance as aforesaid shall forthwith be received by KIT HIRE LTD who shall, as the case may require, apply such monies either in making good the damage done or in replacing the equipment by other articles of similar description and quality and such substitute articles shall become subject to the provisions of this agreement in the same manner as the articles for which they shall have been substituted. 
The sum insured must not be less than the current value of 'same week' replacement of equipment.
Where THE CLIENT is more than one person or entity this agreement is binding on each of you jointly and severally. 
The hirer shall not remove equipment from the UK without obtaining KIT HIRE LTD consent in writing specifying the country to which the equipment is to be removed and in such event THE CLIENT shall pay additional insurance in respect of such removal of the equipment and shall indemnify KIT HIRE LTD against all customs duties, taxes or other pecuniary levies either as a result of removal of, or return of the equipment from UK.
Any waiver or other indulgence granted by KIT HIRE LTD shall not affect the strict rights of KIT HIRE LTD under these terms.
KIT HIRE LTD does not offer Insurance we recommend you take out insurance with Performance Insurance or alternative insurance company.

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